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The Iron Sword

The Iron Sword - Jocelyn A. Fox The Iron Sword is an unforgettable ride full of magic, laughs, strength, and adventure. I could not put this book down! I only got 2 hours of sleep because I couldn't stop reading this one!We start off with college best friends Tess and Molly, who are spending Thanksgiving in Texas with Molly's family. Everything seems to be relaxing until Molly is summoned to the Unseelie court by Queen Mab herself. The Sidhe believe that Molly is the key to a prophesy in finding the iron sword and defeating an evil destroying their world. So when a sexy knight named Finnead comes to collect Molly, Tess insists on going with to help protect Molly. Little does Tess know how dangerous the world of the Sidhe can be and strong she might actually be.I've always loved reading about the Fae... or in this case Sidhe. There's just a beauty to them and their world that I seem to fall in love with every time. And Jocelyn, has completely reeled me in with her enticing story. She creates a world, characters, and creatures you cannot help but enjoy. Though I admit, I absolutely adored the romance in this book, there was so much more to this story. It wasn't focused around love, but more about strength, duty, and believing in yourself.Tess O'Connor throws herself into a world with nothing but trying to protect her best friend. I love her determination and her strength through out the whole story. Tess is thrown into a whole new world, she accepts it an ultimately finds herself. She always seems to have this confidence to her, that makes you want to be like her. Except, when it comes to the swoon-worth Finnead of course... then the confidence may hide. Finnead... oh man. You sexy dark haired, blue eyed, strong, protective boy you. I found myself easily falling for this boy. A knight + a motorcycle... hellllllo! Even when nothing yet had happened, I'd feel Tess's jealousy or longing right along with her. He's a knight, and you can easily see his strength and power he has. But, unlike the other knights, Finnead has a softness. And, I found his little jealous or self-sacrificing moments so adorable. I was rooting for Tess and Finnead throughout the whole magical story.Not only those two, but I found myself loving all the characters in some way. Ramel has this easy confidence and sexiness to him. You cannot help but smile when he's around. I also loved Wisp and all the glows. There's also Molly, Vell, Emery, and others you meet along the way that make this fantastic story what it is.As soon as The Iron Sword jumped into the action, it took a hold of me and pulled me into the adventure. As I stated before, I couldn't put this one down. It was addictive, fun, and thrilling. There were parts I laughed, parts I held my breathe, parts I was swooning over, parts with angst, and parts with sadness as well as happiness. This book has so much to offer, and I really hope more of the world reads it. My only complaint (and because I'm a cover freak) is, shouldn't the model on the cover be blonde? Or maybe it's supposed to be Molly? I don't know... but I do know that I am dying to read the next one. I cannot wait to follow Tess, Finnead, and crew as their journey continues on.