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Severance - Shawn Kirsten Maravel In the sexy and thrilling sequel to Volition, Shawn Kirsten Maravel has created a book that's sure to make readers happy.*spoilers if you have not read book 1*In Severance, we pick up right where Volition left off. After sacrificing himself, Joel is still in the hospital and fighting for his life. And, Charlotte's old boss Alex seems to be getting closer than ever to her... to the point that might be freighting. So when a surprise comes that makes Charlotte thinking things may just be looking up, everything actually takes a turn for the worse. Charlotte realizes she will have to fight if she wants her happily ever after.I enjoyed Volition, but I loved Severance. See, reading about a main character who is 23 really drew me in from the start. Brett over at Demons Read Too, brought up a fantastic point that our age group like the 20-25/college age is a really under tapped market. So, I was so happy that Shawn took the story where she did and she can because these things happen to us young adults! Character wise, I adored watching Joel and Charlotte's story continue. It's so amazing to see a love so strong, and how no matter what they both continued to fight. Then there's Alex, whom I loved in the first book, and honestly still loved in this one. In a twisted way, I could see where he was coming from and I understood.Overall, I think this is a fantastic little series the Shawn has written. I love the age group it portrays. I love the college and work aspects. I love the romance and the slight paranormal thrown in there. And all the morals weaved in. I was extremely happy with the ending and I think this a series many readers would enjoy!