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Reflection (Reflection #1)

Reflection (Reflection #1) - Jessica Roberts Words elude me. This story is so intense, so real, so affectingly beautiful and heartbreaking. Reflection is full of emotion and by the end, my heart was ready to burst.We start off Heather, who wakes up after being in a coma for two years and seven months. Then, we get a retelling of her memories six months before the accident. Her start of college, and the amazing moments she has with Nick Richards. The memories of her growing into someone new and the beautiful memories of her falling in love. But, was everything she dreamed real or a lie? And now, two years later, will her life ever be able to be how she wanted it to be?Once we start getting into Heather's memories, the book completely takes off and captures all of your attention. She was definitely different than most protagonists you read about. Ever since her mother's death, she's created a wall, sworn off getting to close to any one. She's also so curious and inexperienced that it was fun to watch her discover the world around her. By the end, I commend Heather for her strength. She's just come out of a coma, and her world is so altered, so unsure of anything she missed, so heart-breaking. I cannot wait to see how she continues her life in the sequel.Nick.. Oh Nick. I loved watching him slowly crack open through Heather's memories. He's so brooding, so closed off in the beginning, and watching him taunt and smile and just be his sexy self made me grew to love him. Or maybe it was the fact that he wears sweat pants and a tee to a party, or that I want to play the torture game with him. Or that he draws and plays guitar. Regardless, Nick is so intense and I loved every moment of his and Heather's relationship.Another thing I love is that this book is considered what we call "New Adult". It's a college setting and I absolutely adored it. It made so, so happy to see such an amazing book in this category! Plus the cover... is stunning!!I was so silent reading the ending, I actually think I held breath while reading. Then, the preview for the sequel completely jumped on my heart and stomped it to a million pieces. Basically I was like "there goes all my hope..." but alas, that spark is still there and I am rooting for the happily ever after. Reflection was absolutely amazing and by the end emotionally draining. I absolutely am counting down the days until the sequel, Reaction, is released.