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Embers in a Dark Frost (Fire and Frost, Part One)

Embers in a Dark Frost - Kelly Keaton That ending. THAT ENDING. Why must authors continuously torture us? My heart kept swelling and I kept having hope and then nope, tragic cliff hanger. Overall though, I absolutely couldn't get enough of this book. This is why I take a chance on indie books... because you find ones like this. Embers In A Dark Frost is thrilling, magical, and sexy!Deira has bright red hair and it makes everyone see her as what she is... a half-blood. She's looked down upon, told to keep her hair hidden, and is given jobs that makes her discrete and hidden. During one fateful night she mistakenly finds herself in Balen's path. Balen is the Fire Breather's champion and has come to form an allegiance but one of his terms is that Deira leaves with him. Deira quickly discovers that not everyone thinks her half-blood trait is horrible and that she is destined to find the light and stop the Underworld's darkness. Balen and Deira begin the long journey to find the light but the Underworld is calling to Deira and she could never imagine the things she encounters along the way.This book reminded me of books like Throne of Glass and Maria V. Synder's wonderful adventures. I honestly couldn't put Embers In A Dark Frost down. There was constantly one thrilling conflict after another, so many magical moments, and two main characters that are so strong. What also surprised me was how sexy Balen was and the romance that Kelly added in. You cannot help but get trapped in Balen's strength. He has such a hard exterior but once you get to know him he's so protective and seductive. Then there's Deira who has to deal with so much, like the loss of her parents, being taken away from home and thrown into an unknown world, traveling on a magic adventure to seek something she's not even sure exists and yet she does it all with tons of strength and power. Absolutely loved Balen and Deira's journey. One other person I must mention is Nox... for some reason I actually liked his character. No one kill me yet! Let me explain... he is a sexy villain and you all can try to deny it but it's true. I absolutely love those sexy villains who do bad things but are seeking love in the whirl wind of it all. I'm really curious to see more of him in the next installment.The ending as I said is a killer. There was one thing particular about it that made me have a bigger reaction than I thought I would but alas I cannot tell you because it is spoilery! Overall I absolutely enjoyed this book from beginning to end and want part two SO BADLY. The characters give you something to love and then journey they take throws your emotions all over the place and makes you frantically flip the pages. It's magical, seductive, and thrilling. If you're considering getting this book... buy it!