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Half-Blood (Covenant Series #1)

Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout Kick-ass, alluring, and unique. Half-Blood is an amazing debut that has it all. It will entrap you from page one and seduce you all the way through.Alexandria, Alex for short, is a Half-Blood. Unlike Pure-Bloods she is forced to be trained as a Sentinel who will hunt down Daimons or become a "zombie-like" servant for the Pure-Bloods. And Alex would rather do anything than become a servant. Her and her mother had left the Covenant when she was 14 years old and Alex had no idea why. Now on her own and in trouble, she is brought back to the Covenant and forced to train the entire summer with only one benefit... Aiden, a sexy Sentinel Pure-Blood, is her trainer. The problem: Half-Bloods and Pure-Bloods are not aloud to have a relationship, but that doesn't keep her from falling for him. As trouble starts to narrow in on the island, Alex must act quick before she suffers a fate worse than death.Firstly, I love the cover art-work for this series. They are all absolutely beautiful! I love how they are more design oriented. Plus, Half-Blood is a purple (my favorite color) hibiscus... how gorgeous! Second, this book is one of the best debut books I've read. I absolutely loved every part of Half-Blood. From the opening, intense chapter to the final touching pages. It has compelling characters, an intense story line, plenty of laughs, irresistible romance, and so many great morals.The characters I have to say I loved them all in some sort of way, even the evil ones. One thing I love is when you at first detest a character but then you realize you missed something and grow to like them. I completely felt that with Seth and Marcus. Also, a thought that popped in my head... I liked Kain and now I cannot help but thinking if his name was deliberately picked. Hmm :). Other characters I enjoyed were Deacon, yes I liked him, and Caleb. I've always been fond of the name Caleb and in Half-Blood, I completely fell for his character. He's the perfect, good-looking, guy best friend and he can come be my friend any day of the week!Next, Aiden St. Delphi. Oh yes. He is one smoking fella. I absolutely love the fact that he is twenty... made my life! I absolutely love when a love interest is older than the main character. Aiden is so much more than that though. He has a rough past, and yet he still is so strong and so caring. The respect and compassion he has for Alex just completely stole my heart. He understands her and instructs her with the perfect tenderness. Plus, he has a guitar and a pick collection... HOW HOT IS THAT?! And FIRE?! Just keeps on getting hotter...!Finally, there is Alex. Alex is the main character we all love and want to be. She's athletic, strong, admirable, naturally pretty, clever, and comical. Alex constantly kept me on my heels, and her banter with Aiden had me smiling quite often. I loved how she stood up for herself and could basically kiss major ass. Alex has a few extremely tough decisions to make through-out Half-Blood and honestly I think she handled them all perfectly.Half-Blood was nothing less than spectacular. I loved every single word and every single page. The fighting aspect was so intense and exciting. The relationships we're all so well thought out. The story line was brilliant. It was unique, suspenseful, and I completely adored it. This is a definite must buy! And I am dying for the next one, Pure!!! Five stars out of five!! :)