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Tempting the Best Man: A Gamble Brothers Novel (Entangled: Brazen)

Tempting the Best Man  - J. Lynn Even though J. Lynn is her alter ego, there is absolutely no difference in her uncanny ability to make me fall in love with her stories. Tempting The Best Man was exactly the book I needed lately. It had me laughing, eyes widening, stomach sinking, and sighing with ultimate joy.Each character is so perfectly rounded. In their charisma, their comedy, their hardheadedness, in their kind hearts. Qualities that make me fall in love with a character. Qualities that both Chase and Maddie possess. It's one of those loves that everyone around sees but the two who actually feel it. The type of love that could be forever or could always be the what if. I just completely fell in love with the intenseness, angst, and love of Chase and Maddie's story. Plus, we all know Jennifer knows how to write a straight up sexy fella. It's not just them though. Each family member, no matter how big or small the role, had their way of making you love them and enjoy them in the scenes they're in. And Bridget... Oh she's just hilarious. "Wow. I need popcorn for this." Just brilliant characters.Jennifer's books always give me everything I want. Love, laughs, sexiness, heart-break, family, and everything in between. With this being adult and not YA, I got even more of that sexiness I love between characters. And drinking... drinking is always fun too. I could sit here and praise Tempting The Best Man for paragraphs. But there's no need. All you need to know is that it is yet another amazing story from Jennifer and that you won't regret buying it.