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Illusions (Laurel Series #3)

Illusions - Aprilynne Pike I absolutely adored Wings and Spells. Illusions was no different. It was a fast-paced journey I couldn't put down and I loved it. I have to say, Illusions, had a slightly different feel than the first two. For me at least! Illusions picks up with Laurel beginning her senior year with David, whom she thought she finally made her love choice. But, dun dun dun out of the blue, Tamani returns in all his hot, sexy glory and informs Laurel that something has been going on and she needs protecting once again. With trolls disappearing, Klea returning with a mysterious young girl named Yuki, Laurel having love issues, and trying to deciding where she'll end up in life... Illusions is surely a story you don't want to miss!Let me start by saying, I'm still Team Tamani! In the first book, I loved them both. In the second, I started to move towards Tam, and well! I'm still Team Tamani all the way!! David is a sweet heart I do like him, I just like Laurel with Tamani more. Plus, I have a feeling Chelsea and David may end up together!With Illusions, its not so much faerie as it is development. We see huge struggles in Laurel... She's fighting her emotions constantly on which boy she should chose and if she should return to Avalon or stay on earth. This was such a tough book for Laurel, and man when Tamani was with Yuki, I found myself getting jealous, I wanted to slap the smile off her face too! I also really hope we see more Avalon in book four, I missed it! There so many great quotes in this story. And I totally relate when Laurels mom tells her "There are many different kinds of love." Just because someone has been there for you, doesn't mean you're in love with them and I can so relate, man can I. It's these types of books I love, when I relate to the situations. They make you stop and think "waaaiiit a second". Just because it's a fictional book doesn't mean it can't help you in real life.Overall, fantastic book in the series and I am DYING for book four! Oh heck how Illusions ended!!! Like What?!! I need book four like two days ago! And final words... Team Tamani