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Jealousy (Strange Angels)

Jealousy - Lili St. Crow The best in the series so far, BY FAR. I loved every part of this installment. It was face-paced, action-packed, romanced up, fierce, and kick-ass.We start off where we left off in Betrayals. Dru is at the Schola Prima, with her pals Shanks and Dibs and her maybe more than a friend Graves. Things are very different at this new school then they were at the reform school, but there is still a traitor and still someone out to get her. With her new classes and new bodyguards, Dru is trying to come to grips with being a Svetocha. Also, not to mention she's trying to figure out who's trying to kill her, how to help Ash, and if she has feelings for Graves or Christophe...maybe both.Things definitely heat up in this installment. So many more secrets are spilled, Dru matures and learns, and finally, finally the romance picks up. I still love Ash's role and really hope more becomes of him in the next two installments. I also think the story line in the third book moves so much smoother than the first two. I'm not sure why, I just enjoyed reading Jealousy much more than the others so far. The action flowed perfectly in this one, not too much and too little. We actually got to see some classes and fights and how Dru enjoyed them. And finally, we got to see some romance. Between both boys. I think Graves just seems so hot and cold to me though.That being said, I'm a Christophe girl. Yes, at first I was like wait you liked her mom too... that's messed the eff up. But, as I read it seemed as if it went one way. It seems as if her mother was never in love with him and it seemed, at least to me, that Christophe was in lust with her... where as he seems in love and vulnerable with Dru. Whatever though, I'm team Christophe all the way. Lightning blue eyes, strong and protective, and I mean HEELLLLOOO he took bullets for her and put himself in pain for her! So yes, I love you Christophe, call me any time. ;)Anywho, I loved Jealousy and I can't wait to start the next one. PS. Still wondering what Dru's name is short for. Hmmm. :)