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Beyond (Afterlife,#1)

Beyond (Afterlife,#1) - Willow Rose The Academy is a quick, fun and unique read that I think many readers will enjoy. I have to say too.. that I love the cover! I think it's really pretty, and the concept fits so well with the story :).We start with Meghan, who finds her self on a flying boat and realizes that she is dead. She doesn't remember how she died, and she's not supposed to, though she some how feels like something is off. She comes to quickly realize that she is Ru'ach or a spirit and must attend The Academy, which is a school for spirits when they die. There she learns new things she could have never imagined and even finds comfort in the adorable cook, Mick. As times moves on, Meghan and her friends discover a way to go to earth, and there she meets Jason. She ends up getting to know and like Jason and when she discovers a terrible truth she must make a decision, and each decision has consequences.The Academy has a lot to offer, with its unique concept, a strong lead, a group of enjoyable friends, two cute guys, and huge moral about fate, you cannot help but enjoy it. In so many YA books, you see talk of Angels but what you don't see is the story revolve around spirits. Of course, Angels are in the story but they are in the background and I really liked this detail. I thought it made the story very unique.Meghan is a lead character I enjoyed reading about. I loved watching her figure out the afterlife. I loved watching her getting to know Mick and especially Jason. Her character shows you that there is always consequences to any decision and that you cannot have light without dark. Now, with the two boys... I'm a Jason girl! Don't get me wrong, Mick is sweet and caring but there's just something about Jason with his sand-color hair, sweet personality, and the troubles that he faces that just made me love him. I'm totally rooting for Jason... especially after that ending! Overall The Academy is a quick, fun read that I think many YA readers will enjoy. It seemed to me it was suited for the younger side of YA, but it was still very enjoyable and I'm curious to see where she takes the rest of the series. :)