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Hunting Lila

Hunting Lila - Sarah Alderson This book is a stunner. I mean that in the BEST possible way. Hunting Lila is a thrilling masterpiece with love weaved into every page and you will not be able to put this one down.After the death of her mother, Lila and her father moved across the ocean to London... leaving her brother Jack and his best friend Alex behind. After her secret, of moving things with her mind, is revealed while she is being mugged, Lila decides to run away from a life she doesn't want to live any more and visit her brother Jack. Once there, Lila realized a few things. One: that Alex is even better looking and she is still completely in love with him. And, two: that Alex and Jack are a part of something called The Unit, and are hunting down her mother's killer. As more secrets get revealed, nothing is as it seems and Lila must find a way to keep herself and the people she loves safe.I loved this book so, so much. I love concepts like this. It's not magic, but it's powers of the mind, and it just intrigues me like no other. Hunting Lila goes to show you, you honestly never know who to trust, and that you need to be optimistic because things may not always be what they seem. I also completely fell in love with the romance in this story. I love when the couple know each other inside and out and then finally realize that they're meant to be. It's the development, the protectiveness, the laughs... it just warms my heart in the best possible way. And of course you know, when I adore the villains... well it's one freaking awesome book.Lila's character is a protagonist I adored following through the story. She's been somewhat broken, yet she's still so strong and she knows exactly what she wants. And regardless of risks, she follows her heart and does what she believes in right and I find that so admirable. There's also her brother Jack, I really liked his role, even when at certain times he was blinded by his own impulsiveness, he's honestly just Lila's caring brother who would do anything to keep her safe. I have to say I also loved Demos, Suki, Ryder, Nate... and that whole gang. I love being pleasantly surprised and those characters certainly did that for me! There are three more characters I need to mention... 1) Rachel - I wanted to strangle her. 2) Sara - I'm SUPER curious about her... I have a feeling she's going to break someone's heart and I don't like it! Finally, 3) Alex.Oh Alex. You.... you blonde, build, older, protective, sexy boy who rides a red bike. Can I haz you? He is most definitely a new favorite boy of mine. His heart and mind are always in the right place. Alex is smart and strong, and I just loved his character more than words could say! I honestly cannot wait for Losing Lila, to see where Alex and Lila go... because I just cannot get enough of their romance. Ps. Alex... I will go running with you any day! Just come on over! ;)There are a few twists in this book I didn't see coming, and I love being kept on my toes. Hunting Lila is thrilling, unique, and a memorizing read. Especially after the ending, I cannot wait to read Losing Lila!!