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Slumber: The Fade: Book One

Slumber - Samantha Young After reading, Smokeless Fire, I found myself completely in love with Samantha's creativeness and beautiful writing. So when when Rachel over at Fiktshun gifted me Slumber, I knew I was in trouble. Firstly, the cover is STUNNING. I started Slumber in the evening and did not go to bed until I finished. It's so imaginative, alluring, exciting, and all-around my perfect type of book.After being ripped away from her family, Rogan has become the Handmaiden and best friend of the Princezna Haydyn. When Haydyn falls ill to a sleeping disease, Rogan is determined to set out and save her... and she's the only one who can. With the protection of the royal guard, led by Captain Wolfe Stovia (who Rogan dislikes because of his father), she sets out on a adventure to find the Somna plant to save Haydyn. What she discovers along the way, is a world she didn't know existed, love, and that she herself is much stronger than she ever thought.I loved everything about Slumber. I honestly couldn't have asked for anything more... except maybe some more Wolfe. Unf, cannot get enough of him! But, Slumber is a twist on the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, and Samantha Young does it so much justice and then some. The fact that she created this whole world of magic, thrills, cities, and love is just purely stunning.This is one of those books, where you just adore each and every character. Where each character has a role in the story. Whether it's the strong, beautiful protagonist (aka Rogan), the protective, yet more than meets the eye, sexy love interest (Wolfe), the all-around-you-can't-help-but-love-best-friend (aka Haydyn), or all the brilliant characters you meet along the way (aka Matai, L, Kir, Valena, and Chaeron).The writing is beautiful. The story is pure creativeness. The characters are a joy to follow through the story. The heart-pumping moments are perfectly executed. And the romance is just the perfect fairy tale. This book was everything I could have hoped for, and I cannot wait to read more of Samantha's books.