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Shadowlander (Shadow Sisters)

Shadowlander - Theresa Meyers With its mystical world and sexy characters, Shadowlander is a quick-paced novella that will entrap you on every page.Catherine O'Connell, or Cate for short, is a seer. She can see the Fae in her world but, it's a secret she must keep or it would put her in serious danger. Cate's done a fantastic job ignoring the Fae, until her friend Maya is taken. Now, she must throw away everything she knows and trust a faerie she's been seeing since she was sixteen, if she wants to get Maya back. Rook, is sexy, protective, and very powerful and Cate may find more than she ever believed possible in the Shadowland.I have to admit two things: I have not read many books in the adult or novella category. Shadowlander, is both of those and I have to say I enjoyed it oh so much. Sometimes I find myself rooting for the romance to be steamier or the book to move a little quicker and this novella executes both of those perfectly. There's really no down moments, the story is constantly thrilling. The Fae world that Theresa created is beautiful and exciting and I want my own catamount! :)Cate and Rook's romance is hotter than hottest day in the middle of July. Yet, there's still this complete passion, understanding, and protectiveness. Each of them also has their own agenda and it only kept you on your toes while watching it unravel. And, I loved watching them complete the dark and seductive journey together. Plus, Rook.... hello!! That name is pure sex. And he is pure sexiness! You can't not enjoy him!Strong female lead? Check. Fast-paced yet totally enjoyable? Check. A beautiful, fantasy world? Check. A handsome, sexy, strong, Fae love interest named Rook? DOUBLE CHECK. Considering this is only book1, I'm not sure how Theresa plans on doing the rest of the series, but I'm excited to find out. If you're thinking about picking this one up, I say totally go for it! It's a fast, exciting read that I'm sure a ton of readers will enjoy.