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Under The Never Sky: Under the Never Sky : Book 01

Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi Under The Never Sky will thrill all of your senses with it's creativeness. Every detail is so vivid and so brilliantly created that it's impossible not to fall in love with this story.We start off with Aria, who has lost all communication with her mother. She and a group of friends decide to do something dangerous and shut off their virtual world through their Smarteyes. While trying to discover what happened to her mother, things take a turn for the worse and Aria meets an outsider who saves her. Little does she know that she herself will become an outsider, and there she meets Perry for the second time. Peregrine, Perry for short, has a journey of his own... to rescue his nephew from Aria's "people". Together these two must fight against all the obstacles standing in their way, including each other, if they wish to make it safely Under The Never Sky.This book is so much more than any other apocalyptic book I've read. Under The Never Sky is developed and set up so perfectly. Each event, each reaction chain reacts into the next and you can see perceptions and people changing. The world created is so savage, yet so beautiful at the same time. The story takes you back to the raw beauty in the world. It shows you how heartbreaking things could become. Would you want to constantly live inside of virtual worlds? Feeling no pain? Knowing that all the emotions you feel may not be real? To not know strength or hard work? To feel controlled? Does the absence of all this even make you real? Being "under the never sky" full of aether, is terrifying as well... there are beasts, storms, harsh conditions, yet it's real. The beautiful swirling sky, the ability to truly use your senses, to feel emotions you may have thought not there all comes crashing down in the world outside the Pods.Our two lead characters are two I've grown to love. With Peregrine (or Perry) and Aria, we start off getting their background stories... where they come from and why they are the way they are. Neither of them have had such perfect lives. When they meet it's not the "Oh hey, you saved me right? Lets fall in love!", it's more the you're-not-like-me-but-I-need-your-help-so-I'll-put-up-with-you type of relationship. It's real! And watching them grow from hate, to mutual agreement, to like, to love is just utterly beautiful. I constantly found myself smiling with Aria and Perry; watching the little notions here and there, the arguing, the strength in their relationship, and the way that they help each other almost find themselves. It's not a perfect love and it's a quite dangerous love... but it's doesn't mean that they aren't perfect for each other. Plus I adore the name Peregrine... can I haz?! ...And oh *sigh* Violets, Green Eyes, and Blonde hair. :)I have to give some kudos to one other character and that's Roar. He so well placed in the story. He's the best friend, the one to make people smile, the helper... the all-around good guy and I loved him for it.Under The Never Sky, couldn't have been any better for me. I loved the whole entire story and the ending as well. It has me eagerly awaiting book two! I know there are so many more secrets to be revealed and more lovely adventures to be had! I simply cannot wait! And one last parting comment, I think this book would make an excellent movie! I would go see it at midnight on its release date for sure!