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Hallowed (Unearthly Series #2)

Hallowed (Unearthly Series #2) - Cannot wait for this!!! I need more Tucker!!! AND DUDE the person 'dying soon' better not be her brother because I LOVE him!----My heart hurts... is my first reaction to finishing this book. Hallowed is an emotional book that is bittersweet until the very last sentence.We start off with Clara, who is still confused by her purpose that day in the woods. But, she continues on with life, her family, school, and Tucker. When she starts getting new visions her world starts to tumble down. Jeffrey is angry all the time and acting out, her angel life is getting harder to handle, and someone close to her is going to die. As Clara struggles to figure out her vision everything around her starts to change. She's trying to put together her future without falling apart. She's trying to protect the people she loves from a black wing. She's trying to cope with a deadly secret. And, not everything can end happily.This book is beautiful... in a heart-breaking, realistic way. This is not one of those books I classify as a "cute, quick, fun read!" because it's not. It's bittersweet and I felt a sadness tugging under every scene. But, of course with all the struggles and death and problems that Clara deals with in Hallowed... how could she not be completely stressed out? If I was in her situation I might considering throwing myself off a roof! ...oh wait, that wouldn't work for her... she can fly. :)With the boys situation. I was completely Team Tucker in Unearthly, and after Hallowed I am still Team Tucker. My heart broke for this kid throughout this entire book. Even the happy times, I felt an aching for him. He deserves the best someone can give him, and I'm still rooting for a Clara and Tucker happy ending! But, that being said... yes, I did really enjoy Christian in this installment. You get to learn more about him, understand why he is the way he is, and even see a vulnerability.If you enjoyed Unearthly, you'll definitely want to pick up Hallowed because it's a game changer in the series. The best way I could describe this book is, that it's a beautiful tragedy. Clara grows so much in this book. But, everything with her mother, Jeffrey, Tucker, Christian.... is just heart-breaking to a point. After reading the second half of the book I felt emotionally drained, but in a good way. That means I'm invested in the characters and the story enough to feel something. Cynthia did a beautiful job with Hallowed and I'm eagerly awaiting book3. ...Still Team Tucker!