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Brightest Kind of Darkness (Brightest Kind of Darkness, #1)

Brightest Kind of Darkness (Brightest Kind of Darkness, #1) - P.T. Michelle,  Patrice Michelle I was absolutely blown away by the uniqueness and thrills of Brightest Kind Of Darkness. It was one of those books where I couldn't put it down until I finished (cough 4am cough).We start off with Nara Collins who every night dreams her entire next day. So that makes her the best soccer goalie, get great grades, and avoid things she may not want to see. Pretty neat, eh? It would be... until she dreams a bomb threat at her high school and she knows she must intervene. But, after that her dreams start disappearing and her friends are starting to get hurt. While struggling with that, loner boy, Ethan Harris actually starts to talk to her. Ethan and Nara mysteriously start to become completely drawn to each other and they may just be the key to each others darkness.After reading a book like this, sometimes I really wonder... why is this book an indie? Did the author decide to just be indie, did companies really not want to pick up this wonderful story? Whatever the answer, Brightest Kind Of Darkness is a brilliant read. I absolutely love the way she matched our two main characters with their unique abilities. The darkness of the story. The raw and real every day things that happen through out the story. Mean high school teens, friends, cheating, parties, special abilities, family issues, romance... it's all so perfectly weaved.I live for troubled boys. I swear I do. It's like hardwired into my brain. I absolutely adore boys who have such turmoil, who had a dark past, the ones who under all of that torture is a huge heart. I loved them way too much. I just want to take them and hold them and love them. And Ethan is one of those boys. With his bright blue eyes, mysterious ways, kind heart, and dark past. I loved getting to know him. I loved watching him and Nara together, trying to piece together their own puzzle.I also love the little animal aspect thrown in. I adore animals to the core. And tattoos, mmm I've been on a tattoo kick lately, so reading about them makes me kind of excited. Especially when they're on a sexy, blue eyed-boy ;).Brightest Kind Of Darkness is an entrancing read, that will have you begging to know what comes next in the story. I know I cannot wait for book2!