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Spellbound - Cara Lynn Shultz I'm not sure why I waited so long to read this one. I even had the option of reading it ahead of time way back when, and never got around to it. Big mistake. I absolutely loved this book from the very beginning. And, it really boggles me that this book has such mixed reviews because I think it's a completely magical and romantic story.We start off with Emma, who just moved to New York to live with her Aunt after a not so great home experience. She soon realizes she's attending Vincent Academy, which is an Upper East Side we-are-all-rich-and-we-know-it-type of prep school. And everyone may not be as welcoming as she thought. No worries though because she has her freshman cousin Ashley, and well, the school's richest and sexiest boy, Brendan Salinger, is showing interest in her. But, then he decides to completely ignore her and Emma starts to have strange dreams. Could Brendan and the dream be linked? Is Emma really in danger now?Okay, (forgive me) I actually get to rant for once because I read this book so late that I've had the privilege of reading other people's reviews. It kind-of bothers me that people are knocking stars off for the "star-crossed lovers, insta-love, predictable" thing going on. Well, I mean, did you read the synopsis? It says "The One" right in it. If you're not a fan of those... why did you bother reading the book? Guess what... YES, it's a LOVE story. YES, it's about witches. Yes, it's kind-of predictable... but so what?! Just because you think it's predictable, how does that make it not enjoyable? But, every one is entitled to their own opinions. And for what the story is meant to be about... I think Cara Lynn Shultz did a lovely job of weaving it all together.Honestly, I think the book has a fantastic protagonist and antagonist. Speaking of, I was actually extremely happy with the drama and the antagonist. Also, I love the setting. The fact that it's the Upper East Side, the park, the concert bar, the hangouts... they're awesome. I thought the plot was well executed. There are even a lot of comical lines thrown in!And, lets face it. Brendan Salinger is HOT. Like smoking green eyes, dark hair, disheveled, music-loving, rich, and completely a hero HOT. I loved this boy as soon as he made fun of the prep school's "wicked witch" so to say. There's a lot to love about this boy, and I can't wait to read more about him in Spellcaster.Overall, I think this book is a modern fairy-tale with thrills, laughs, and magic. If the book sounds appealing to you, read it! I really enjoyed it and cannot wait to read Spellcaster.