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Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars - Allison Rushby Shooting Stars is a quick, fun read with a unique concept and unexpected twists. I truly enjoyed reading this one. It makes me quite happy when I think I know how a story might turn out, and it doesn't. If I think I know what the unexpected twist is going to be, and it's not what I thought at all. Yet, I was still completely happy with the story and how it ended. Shooting Stars is one of those stories. There's so many fun moments and fantastic morals throughout this book. It has a unique concept where our main character Jo is a paparazzi. And, we also get to see some celeb life. Combine all that with a coming of age story, some romance, and even some laughs and you get yourself a fun, enjoyable story.Also, I loved taking the journey and growing with all of these characters. They all grow in their own way and all come to realize things about themselves. Even family seems to play an important role in both of our main characters. And, family is important me, so I loved that aspect.Overall, I think this book covers such a wide age group that readers all across the board will enjoy. If you're looking for a fun, quick read... Shooting Stars is it!