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Spellcaster - Cara Lynn Shultz Exciting, intense and just as captivating at the first. I loved Spellcaster from beginning to end. This is one of those series where once you fall in love with the characters and the story you continue to love them no matter what... and I do. I feel like my heart beats this content sigh at the end of each story. And, you cannot beat that feeling.*Spoilers for those who have not read book one*Spellcaster picks up a few months after Emma and Brendan's horrific fight for their love. Anthony is gone and their curse seems to be broken, but everything is far from normal. Gossip and jealousy seem to hit Emma at every turn, and on top of that her witch skills aren't working too well for her. Then, Angelique starts to sense dark and dangerous things coming for Brendan and Emma... and unfortunately she's right. With new secrets and new dangers fearing to break apart Brendan and Emma will their love survive another fight?Can I just stress again how much I adore this series? There are just too many things to fall in love with. It always interests me to read a New York setting because I've only been there once, but I loved it. The plot line in the book hooked me from beginning straight through to the end. And of course, I love each and every character... minus one.That brings me to Cisco, Ashley, Emma's Aunt Christine, and Angelique. I love each and all of their roles. They all are good-hearted, supportive characters that all have their own little quirks about them. (PS. As of now, I'm totes shipping Liam and Ashley! Ha!). Even the mean girl, Kristen, sparks my interest because I love watching her get what she deserves. Every book needs a character like her... no matter how much we love to hate them. Speaking of hate, I definitely felt the rage for the antagonist in this installment. I basically wanted to kick the person in the shins.Then there's Emma and Brendan. Brendan still remains one of my favorite boys. I want him and his green eyes, and dark unruly locks, his unkemptness, his silver hoop earring that he twirls. I want ALL of him. Plus he loves music... he is so my type of boy. And Emma is a protagonist you can relate to. She's not perfect and I think that's what essentially makes her perfect to me. She's also so sacrificing for the people she loves which is another trait I admire in her. I love this couple so hard and I cannot wait to see where Cara continues to take their story.One other thing pertaining to Emma and Brendan I want to touch on is the fact that I completely applaud Cara for how she handled the so called "problem/conflict" that happens between these two in Spellcaster. When the issue kick-in-the-gut semi-love-stopper happens, I think most people would have dragged it out. Made unnecessary pushing away. But honestly, coming from experience, when you love someone... you love them. No matter what. And I'm so happy Cara played out those few chapters how she did. I thought it was perfect. A little kick in the heart. Some unease. And a lot of forgiveness and understanding. Brilliant.If you couldn't tell from my lengthy review, I 100% enjoyed Spellcaster. Cara makes you happy at the end of her stories and that's honestly what keeps me coming back for more. Because, I know I'll laugh at some parts, fall in love with the characters again, maybe have my heart kicked, and then end up happy with overall story. I cannot wait for the third book!