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Defiance (Significance, #3)

Defiance (Significance, #3) - Shelly Crane I never get tired of getting lost in Caleb and Maggie's story. Each book, throws them more curve balls, yet lets them grow even more. Defiance is most definitely a page turner that has everything you could ask for.Defiance picks up right where we left off, Maggie finally gets to put her Visionary title to use while meeting the whole Vituoso clan in London. But, things are never easy for the Jacobson clan. Not only does Maggie now have a new enemy, she needs to win everyone over and learn how to lead... without getting killed of course. Add Caleb to that list and the fact that whole council is against the couple leads to one eventful and thrilling adventure.Shelly has a way with this series of making you love every minute of the story. It doesn't matter whether it's a thrilling part, an exciting part, a sexy part, or a sad part... there's always something to enjoy about it. It's the same with the characters. Watching Maggie and Caleb continue their relationship through all the hardships just melts your heart. I want me a Caleb, asap! And even both families (Maggie's and Caleb's), are so understanding and so supportive of everything. Remember Rodney? And the evil Watson's? Don't worry they're all back in this fantastic installment as well!Overall, Defiance is a brilliant continuation of the Significance series. Shelly throws us new curve balls while keeping all the old thrills right under the surface. There's smiles, tears, and as always an ending that always has me wanting more!