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Pure (Covenant Series #2)

Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout If you stalk me anywhere, you know that Jennifer's books are like my drugs... and I am completely addicted. When I won an early copy of Pure from Jennifer, I almost fell out of my chair with excitement. She in no way let me down, if anything she raised her bar even higher for me.I feel like my review will be a complete gush fest. I'm not sure how Jennifer always manages to do that to me every time I read one of her books. But, Pure kicks off where we left off in Half-Blood and Seth is way more in the picture now even though Alex is still very much head over heels for Aiden, the super sexy forbidden pure blood. But, Alex's life can never be easy, so when daimons attack the Covenant everything is thrown into chaos once again. The threats just keep on being thrown at Alex, along with two sexy guys, a secret danger and trying to learn about being an Apollyon. Bring on the chaos.Alex still stands as one of my favorite main characters, ever. I adore her determination, her strength, her power, the way she loves, the way she can have a snarky remark for everything. She's very much her own person and comfortable in her own skin, who wouldn't want to be like her?Then there's our boys... Seth and Aiden. I have to admit Seth definitely grew on me in Pure. He's... well we can start off with sexy. But, he's also so cocky and has the best lines ever. I'm constantly laughing. But, more than that, Seth does have a genuine interest in Alex that really cares for her. With all that being said... my heart still belongs to Aiden. If I could bundle him up and steal him away... oh gods I would. The way he would and does sacrifice everything for Alex just completely melts your heart into a puddle. Totally and completely Team Aiden. One other thing I have to mention about the boys... the scenes between those two had to be some of my favorites. Those two will make you pee your pants of laughter or swoon of sexiness when they're in the same room! I adore them.Pure, the next installment in the covenant series, is nothing short of something made from the gods (pun totally intended). With its seductive moments, heart-wrenching thrills, laughs, and everything in between, Pure will sink into you and keep you trapped within it's brilliant words. Throw away EVERYTHING you think about sequels because it's one of those books where you simply cannot put it down.