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The Calling (Darkness Rising Series #2)

The Calling - Kelley Armstrong Gripping and thrilling. I found The Calling to be just as exciting as The Gathering... maybe even more!After a fire causes Maya's whole town to be evacuated, her and her friends all happen to be on the same helicopter. A helicopter who they believe is being flown by the enemy. And then, it crashes... and not everyone makes it out alive. For Maya and her friends who are left, escaping back to their town on Vancouver Island is their goal. But, they are being hunted. They'll all need to stick to together and tap into their secrets to get back to their home and hopefully survive.The Calling jumps right into the action. There is no dwelling with this book, which I loved. It's event after thrilling event. And secret after thrilling secret. There is no doubting that this group of friends have more strength in them a group of highly trained secret agents. They are constantly dealing with the threat of being outdoors, being hunted by people with guns, and trying to piece together the strange events that have happened in their lives.With the characters, I'm going to start off with a minor one and that is Corey. I liked him a lot in the first book, but I ADORED him in this one. Corey has an ease about him and his strength is definitely giving that ease and those laughs to other people. With Maya, she is the glue and the rock that holds the whole group together. She knows she's strong and I love watching her strength through out. And finally the boys... I have to admit in the first book I leaned towards Rafe. But after The Calling, I'm all for Daniel. Don't get me wrong... I still like Rafe and wouldn't be disappointed if she ended up with either guy. I think they both have good and bad qualities. But, Daniel is so caring, so patient, so protective. I adore him.I truly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Kelley definitely amped up the suspense in this one! And, there's still so many unanswered questions. What killed Serena? I want Daniel to finally open up to Maya. What about Rafe? What about all the powers these teens have? What about their parents? And, I cannot wait to read The Rising to find out all about them all!