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Summer Of No Regrets

The Summer of No Regrets - Katherine Grace Bond When I first read the synopsis of this story, I expected some huge love story but you should always expect the unexpected. And unexpected is a good thing in The Summer Of No Regrets. Brigitta's story is about figuring out who she is, dealing with the awkwardness of her life, and finally learning what means to truly care about something and someone.We start off with Brigitta and her life of home school, her blog, parents who run "a center", a father who believes he is a shaman, and overall a girl who isn't confident in who she is and whose life has never been the same since the loss of her grandparents. Then she meets Luke and they begin to bond over taking care of cougar cubs. Luke is gorgeous and sweet and her best friend Natalie is convinced he is teen heartthrob Trent Yves. But, Brigitta doesn't believe it and Luke is denying it. So why should Brigitta ruin her happiness? There's more to Brigitta's life than just Luke though and she's determined to figure everything out.I actually really liked Luke and Brigitta's relationship. There were a lot of times where I found myself second guessing Luke, and though I was right in my guess, I was still some-what surprised by the ending and that's always a good thing to me. Plus, Heeelllloooo accent! :) The other thing about Luke and Brigitta's relationship is that I believe it helped Brigitta step out of her confined shell and start to open up, and I thought it was a good step in the right direction for her.I'm not going to say this was a favorite book of mine, because it wasn't. I thought there was a lot of extra content that could have been possibly taken out. However, The Summer Of No Regrets is a good book filled with a cute romance and a main character who's learning to find herself and I did enjoy most of it. If the synopsis appeals to you, I say give it a try! Not every book is for everyone and you never know what you'll feel while reading.