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ReVamped: (Angel Creek Book 1)

ReVamped - Ada Adams Beyond stunning cover, a perfect group of misfits, and a truly unique story. ReVamped is one of those reads where you simple cannot put it down because you need to know what will happen next.We start off with Dawn, who has lived at The Scarlet House her whole life, aka the U.S. Vampire Headquarters. Oh and also her father? Yeah, he's the president. And Dawn is a special vampire. She's been born and not turned. Even though Dawn has been sheltered, she's a strong fighter and after nineteen years, she's finally getting her first mission. She's being sent to Angel Creek, to not only train new vamps but to become the towns guardians. But when she gets there Dawn finds nothing what she expected. Instead, she finds a group of complete misfits, a sexy and mysterious vampire she didn't know would be there, and that Angel Creek may not be the safest place for her after all.The first thing I must mention is that I absolutely adore the age groups that this book is centered around. Our three main characters range from nineteen to twenty-two (well if you don't count vampire years, ha!). And, I believe that this age group, my age group, is such an un-tapped group with so many possibilities that you cannot always explore in the mid-teens. So, I love that I was able to relate to these characters on that level. Another concept I loved was that Ada created two types of vampires. The Born and Turned. And the fact that the world knows about vampires! It's not some hidden secret! Which I absolutely loved!Then, there's the characters. Dawn is actually pretty bad-ass and I'd love to be able to fight like her. Not only am I envious of that, but she also has "pale violet" eyes. It's unique and beautiful. Dawn also has this defiance in her because she does what she believes is right and to me that's always a quality worth admiring. And, while being admirable she's able to bring together a group of people who are utterly different from each other and she never gives up. With the group, I found myself loving them all for different reasons. Whether I related to them, laughed at their remarks, or rooted for them. And uh, Hunter... yeah I totally have a thing for him and his green eyes, color hair, and guitar playing skills.Oh the boys! Literally.. Ethan and Sebastian. Ethan with his honey eyes, dark golden hair, and his sweet sexy southern demeanor. Then on the other side is the brooding, sexy, dark hair and gray eyes Sebastian. It's impossible not to fall for both of them. There's good and bad qualities about each boy. For myself, at the end of book one though, I fell harder for Sebastian. There's something about the boys with a dark past who need a little cracking open that I cannot help but fall for. But, I promise you both boys will have you swooning!Overall, I truly enjoyed the opening book to the Angel Creek series. ReVamped has it's own uniqueness to it. It's a book with thrills, somber moments, laughs, sexy times and overall a book that will keep you latched on from beginning to end. Cannot wait for book two!!