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The High Priestess (Sanctify #0.5) - Katee Robert Futuristic, dark, and seductive I loved this story from beginning to end!We start off with Gerard. Who is a soldier for the Sanctify. He's intense and dedicated. After being injured, he finds himself meeting Marianna and really feeling something for her. But, Marianna has a secret: she's a Diviner. One of the Sanctify's highest sought out "enemies". Now Gerard is forced to bring her in because it's his duty. But along the way there's seduction, hurt, and betrayal.I love the world Katee created. The facts that there's so many species and so many planets she created just blew my mind! Plus this book is sexy as heck! Definitely a story to fall in love with! Main character wise, Marianna is so strong through everything she's thrown into. She definitely holds her own. Then there's Gerard. He's so tough, strong, and set on following orders. But, watching him change and crack just made me love him. And then there's Fisk! I loved him and his role in the story.I really enjoyed this story and this world and I cannot wait to read Queen of Swords to see what more Katee has in store!!