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Such a Rush

Such a Rush - Jennifer Echols Such A Rush is everything I could want from a Jennifer Echol book and more. It captures the readers attention from the first rough situation and literally will fly you through the amazing and bumpy journey till the end. Jennifer never disappoints and always has brilliant and heartfelt stories that keep me constantly flipping the pages.We start off with Leah, who's life has been literally moving place to place and a mother who is never around. Leah has to do everything for herself. She finally lands a flying job, one she loves and even more she finally gets flying lessons. Soon she gets a job flying planes, but it's run by the sexy Hall twins and if she wants to keep her job she'll have to swallow her pride and be caught between the two of them. One brother who's innocent. One who's focused and arrogant. And one Leah... who has never had anything come easy for her.Jennifer is going to have so many girls lining up to be pilots. I know I'm one of them! I loved getting into the world of flying and seeing someone so in love with that freedom of control. But, for Leah is so much more than that. She's had no control over anything in her life and she's constantly fought for what little she has, so finally flying is everything to her. It doesn't help that she has a mother who doesn't care or people who think all she is, is a whore. Her life is anything but easy, but I loved watching her grow into a different person. A better person.Then there's always the sexy boys... Aka Alec and Grayson Hall. First off: I'm obsessed with twins. Second: they're both blonde, southern, sex pots! Personality wise, they're completely different though. Alec is the innocent, sweetheart type. Where Grayson is way more straight forward and cavalier. But it's Grayson who got under my skin and made me fall for him. They way he cares about his family and especially Leah just totally pulled me in.Overall, this book was sensational. Full of heartache and situations you'd never want to find yourself in. A story that shows us how hard life can be for some people, but that you can always come out on top if you want to. Jennifer Echols definitely didn't disappoint me with this one and I will be anxiously waiting for her next release!