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Easy - Tammara Webber Easy was easily one of my favorite reads of the year so far. I even think I finally know what I want a tattoo of! Which is a brilliant and perfect quote from this book. Easy is a book that I have no doubt in my mind that everyone should read. It's a sexy book. A fun book. A real book. And mostly, a powerful story.The background: We start off with Jacqueline, who followed her long time boyfriend to college, even though it may not have been exactly what she wanted. Then the worst happens, after being together for three years, Kennedy breaks up with her.Several weeks later: Her best friend Erin, who happens to be a sorority girl, convinces Jacqueline that she needs to get out and party... So she does. It just so happens that, that night she's attacked, but a super sexy boy saves her. It's then that she realizes that her savior, is in her economics class... The same class that she's failing. She soon starts bumping into Lucas everywhere and realizing that there may be a connection between them. But, everything's not so easy for Jacqueline, she's still got to deal with her ex being around, her ex's best jerk stalking her, the fact that she may be falling for her economics tutor, and just trying to get her life back on track while falling for a sexy artist boy in the process. Maybe not so easy after all...I seriously cannot put into words how much I loved this book. It's so perfect. Tammara's writing draws you in from the freighting and eventful first chapter and she makes it so easy (pun intended) to stay hooked through out the whole amazing roller coaster of a story. This book is a contemporary and it's not one of those fairy tale contemporaries... Well... I'll let you be the judge of that. But, Easy is such a real story. These are real things that happen to real college students and life isn't easy for anyone. You honestly never know what someone is dealing with.I've been in a long relationship like Jacqueline, where that person become your life, what you kind of revolve yourself around. And when you lose that person, it's like your entire world shatters. You're not the same person anymore. And, I had the same problem where I started doing terrible in a class because of it, just like Jacqueline. Jacqueline picks herself up though, with the slight help of Lucas, and becomes an even stronger person than she was before and I so admired that in her.Lucas. I want to say his whole name, because it's so sexy, but alas sorry I cannot... just trust me on it! Lucas is everything I could ever want in a boy and more. He's intelligent, patient, understanding, has tattoos that mean something to him, works at Starbucks, rides a motorcycle, is a hard worker, he's an artist, I mean I could go on forever about this boy. I honestly think Tammara was trying to create thee perfect boy, and she succeeded by a million. Every person comes with their flaws though, and Lucas's we're his past. But, see I'm in love with boys who are haunted by their past. The fact that Lucas has come out on top in spite of his past, just made me love him ever more. I love Lucas.If I haven't convinced you yet, go buy this book. It's not just a book to fall in love with, but it'll inspire you. Teach you a lesson. And, if you want to laugh too... don't worry there's plenty of those! Especially where Erin is concerned; I loved her character! Overall, this book is everything I could have asked for. I've loved all of Tammara Webber's books that I've read so far and Easy just blew my mind.