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Borrowed Ember (Fire Spirits, #3)

Borrowed Ember (Fire Spirits, #3) - Samantha Young Samantha never ceases to blow me away with her lore, her twists, and the constant action that happens through out her stories. She's able to keep thrills at every turn, break your heart at times, and yet still make you smile while reading. I love this series!*spoilers for books 1 & 2*Borrowed Ember starts off where we left off in Scorched Skies, Charlie is on Mount Qaf awaiting his trial, that could very well end badly. Ari and Jai have finally given in are trying at a relationship... under wraps of course. But, Ari is still the seal and the Jinn Kings and fate still have dangerous secrets that she could have never imagined. Secrets that will change her whole life. Other than all those problems, she decided to do something for herself. She along with Jai and Charlie decide to re-join the Roe Guild and be hunters instead of the hunted. Ari's definitely got her hands full and fate is never quite kind to her.With Borrowed Ember, I was so happy where some relations went and then so "oh my god, no!" with others. Ari, I am so proud of in this installment. She has to constantly make extremely tough decisions between loved ones, and based on everything happening, I believe she made the right ones. Ari also "looses" a lot of people in Borrowed Ember and her strength through it all is impressive. I do not envy her... unless she's making out with a certain sexy boy, then I do envy her.Then there is the fabulous parade of amazing boys she gives us. Lets start with Trey, since I love him to pieces. I was SO happy that not only did he return in this installment, but he actually had a pretty decent role. I love everything about his playful personality. There's also Charlie, whom I've always loved since book one because of his brokenness and his love that I know is some where deep in him. Charlie was very intriguing in Borrowed Ember though. There were so many moments where I thought he might finally change, finally become the friend Ari always knew and loved, but Charlie was just slowly spiraling farther down. Finally, there's Jai. OH JAI you sexy thing you. I was so happy to watch Jai crack open in this story. Things are finally seeming to fall in place for him and I was loving every bit of it.Also, does anyone else think these books would make an excellent TV series? I do! I do!! So much happens in each book and I could see this series making one thrilling TV series. That being said I love this series. I love Ari, Jai, Charlie, TREY, and the whole gang. Samantha always keep me turning the pages and wanting more. Cannot wait for Darkness Kindled!