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Defiance - C.J. Redwine Blown away. There are no words for the heart-pounding entrancement Defiance caused me. I instantly fell in love with the world and our two main characters who are two of the biggest fighters you will ever meet. Plus the cover for the book is SO perfect. The model perfectly depicts Rachel, the darkness of it, the city, the forest... is all so well done!Rachel Adam's father was sent out on an important mission and failed to returned and Rachel refuses to believe he died. But, after being declared dead, Rachel is then forced to have a new protector who happens to be none other than her father's nineteen year old apprentice, Logan. She doesn't understand her father's choice and either does Logan. They grew up together, they learned to fight with each other, and Rachel may have confessed her love for him and he may have broke her heart. Having no choice in the matter, they move in together and soon find out they may have a common goal... believing that her father is still alive, rescuing him, and bringing down the evil Commander. The city of Baalboden holds many secrets and dangers though and Rachel and Logan may just be beginning a dangerous war that they never intended to start.I cannot stress how amazingly done this story is. It combines so many perfect elements. Romance, fantasy, dystopian... all things I can get lost in while reading. Defiance is also told from both viewpoints of Rachel and Logan, which is beautifully done considering both characters have their own challenges to face.Rachel is one of those tough chicks. She can hold her own against who ever gets in her path. She doesn't let a boy, a commander, or the world stand in her way. She's gorgeous and strong and I adored watching her fight for what she believes in. On the other side is Logan who is one of those guys you cannot help but fall for. He's had the roughest of pasts, he's protective, strong, and smart. His bright blue eyes can save me any day! Other than the main two characters there are lots of side characters and I found myself adoring them all. Even the Commander added darkness and heartache that made my emotions go wild.The pages in Defiance couldn't be flipped quick enough for me. I will be anxiously waiting for book two so I can fall back into Rachel and Logan's world and story.