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Entice (Embrace)

Entice (The Violet Eden Chapters, # 2) - Jessica Shirvington I absolutely love this series. Both of the books have been absolutely brilliant. There's so much depth to them. So many weaved layers and secrets and yet everything fits together so perfectly in the grand scheme. Entice was everything I could have asked for in this dark and twisted angel story. Thrills, betrayals, laughs, desires, agony, love, fierce battles... it has it all.Entice kicks off where Embrace left us, Violet is Grigori and not just any Grigori, a powerful one. One who isn't sure of what type of angel parented her. Violet thought Phoenix leaving would help her world tip back on balance. But, nothing is ever in balance for Violet. Everyone seems to be hiding things, including Linc. Oh and not to mention new Grigori are coming to help plus the Exiles they start to come across all tend to be linked somehow. Violet isn't one to go down without a fight thought. She'll fight for the one she loves and her people... no matter the cost for her.I just love all these characters so much. With our protagonist Violet, I just get her. Her twistedness, her emotions, her hurt, her love, her confusion, her amazing abilities. She's so easy to fall in love with as the voice of the story. Then there's her best friend Steph and her leader Griffin, who are two characters that do no wrong in my book. Also with the old characters Magda returns as well... and basically I want to set her on fire and then stomp on the ashes. Just saying. But other than that, with the old characters we love there are new ones too. Spence especially stole the show for me. I loved his slight cockiness, his charisma, his uncanny ability to laugh and ease tension. I'm hoping to see a lot more of him in the future.Then there's Lincoln. Oh Lincoln. I am basically in love with you. He is sexy, and dresses good, so protective and athletic. Linc is just the perfect guy and his heart always tries to be in the right place. I want Violet and him to have their happy ending so badly. These two can never seem to catch a break, and they so deserve happiness.The ending was all kinds of an emotional roller coaster. It's one of those endings where you hope and hope but then are like "nah it won't work out that way"... Then it does and it's like hallelujah finally! Yet the ending is more than just a villain. There's war, conflicts, heartbreak, betrayal, and unbelievable truths revealed. I love this series so hard and cannot WAIT to read the next book.