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Tempting the Player (Gamble Brothers)

Tempting the Player  - J. Lynn These Brazen books never cease to make me feel anything less than overjoyed with happiness when I finish. I can never get enough of them, and combine that with one of my favorite authors and I knew I was in for amazingness. Tempting The Player is sexy as heck, fun, and all-around a perfect story.After being dragged to some club, the last thing Bridget Rodgers expects is to meet and hit things off with all-start pitcher, brother of her co-worker's boyfriend, notorious player and sexy as hell Chad Gamble. Chad can have any girl he wants, and he knows it... but what he wants is Bridget. When the two are caught together by paparazzi, Chad is forced to clean up his image or lose his contract with the Nationals. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) for Bridget, she is blackmailed into being Chad's "girlfriend", but both soon come to find that just maybe everything happens for a reason.Chad Gamble is what you would call sex on a stick and he's got the ego to go with it, but that being said we quickly find out he's not the huge player every one thinks he is. I love baseball and sexy men, but I love nothing more than seeing a hotter-than-hades, sexy fella with an ego be put in his place in the best way possible. And, I absolutely loved watching him fall for Bridget. Bridget is the complete opposite of Chad, not stick thin, not famous, works as an admin, and is content with being who she is. I absolutely loved her confidence with herself and watching someone as famous and sexy as Chad fall for her was icing on the cake for having me fall in love with these characters. Their relationship is not just sex and fun, but it's sweet in that soul-mate kind of way.Overall, another stunner from the lovely J. Lynn. It's impossible not to whip through her books. They're witty, seductive, fun, and basically kick-ass when it comes to the romance department. With Tempting The Player, I even had a few moments of surprise with things I wasn't expecting and you got to love feeling those emotions. Beyond fantastic story, amazing characters to fall in love with (if you haven't already met some of them in Tempting The Best Man), and overall another brilliantly written story.