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Deity: The Third Covenant Novel

Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout There are no words. Jennifer should have servants and people bowing at her feet on a daily basis. I don't know how she constantly pumps out these brilliant stories and with such ridiculously quickness too. But, with Deity she truly and honestly blew it out of the water. Tidal waves of emotions are crashing through my system. There is such a huge shift, in multiple aspects, that happens in this book. I am just so overwhelmingly happy and destroyed by how fantastical Deity was.Alex has returned from New York and is back at the Covenant with Seth. Seth is getting up close and personal with his "training" and is pushing Alex to embrace the inevitable... awakening. As the marks of the Apollyon start to appear on her, she knows it's only a matter of time before the change happens, and she's so afraid to lose herself. But, there's someone who has always been there for her... Aiden, and they will do anything to protect each other. When there is an attempt on Alex's life horrible truths start to come alive. Alex will be the fighter she knows she is... but love and strength may not be able to win out this time around.I always try to read books in order of release date, but with Deity I want to literally kick my own butt to China and back for not dropping everything and reading it right away. It was that amazing. Then again, I guess that lessens the wait time for Apollyon... which I am in dire need of and also comes out the day before my birthday... woot! This book was seriously all kinds of fantastic. Romance wise, battle wise, boy wise, friend wise, heart-breaking wise, snarky remark wise... it's just... so... perfect.I must admit I have never been any where closely remote to team Seth and Deity shows me even more why. He's a sleaze, untrusting and an ass. Sorry, but those are my feelings on him. I thought in Pure I may have saw something in him, but I was wrong. I have always loved Aiden, and Aiden is where my loyalties will always remain. Speaking of the amazing, sexy God himself, if there was ever a young adult romance scene done to perfection, it occurs in this book. My mind was over-blowing with joy after not only reading a scene I absolutely adored in every aspect but that was also written and crafted so perfectly.Aiden and Alex never cease to amaze me with their strength. Alex has been one of my favorite girl protagonists since I've met her and with each book my love for her only intensifies. She has the persistence of an Energizer Bunny. She never, ever gives up and she could kick your face in if she wanted to. Yet, she's still so vulnerable, but she knows who she is and who she wants to be and it's impossible not to love her as a character. Her other half, because there is no doubt about that is Aiden St. Delphi. Seriously... this man is so perfect Gods should kiss the ground he walks on. His protectiveness, the way he opens up to Alex in this book, he plays guitar, he takes care of his brother, he has best trained fighting skills... I just can never get enough of him and those silver eyes. I will never get enough of him. He is definitely, if not number one, one of my favorite fictional boyfriends.Jennifer never leaves anything out in this series though. The world does not revolve around the boys and Alex. There is Luke, Lea, Lucian Marcus, Leon, and one of my favorites still, Deacon. All of them play decent roles in Deity, some more than others and I'm sure you'll come to find yourself falling more in love with some of them. There's also the killer fight scenes and horrifying disasters that Alex of course couldn't live without in her life, ha!It is so hard to say that Deity is my favorite so far, because I truly love this whole series with all of my soul, but I will say that Deity is truly perfect. At least to me it is. An ARC of Half-Blood way back when is how I was introduced to Jennifer and my love for her stories and her writing just grows with each and every book. The Covenant series will always be my favorite of mine. The world is just too kick-ass, so epic and brilliant, and the bond between these characters is unlike anything else. Even though waiting for the days to turn to months until I get Apollyon will be like slow torture, I have absolutely faith that it will be worth it.