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Night Star (Immortals Series #5)

Night Star - Alyson Noel I've got to say Night Star was better than I expected, and there is a brand new twist in the story, which will be resolved in the final book (I hope?). Evermore completely captured my attention, Blue Moon wasn't a bad sequel, I enjoyed it. When Shadowland hit it kind of started to go downhill for me. I feel as if the same things happen over and over again in the books, and well Haven annoys the crap of me. But, if you read my past reviews - you see that I never really enjoyed her, and well I knew she'd turn evil... it was only a matter of time. :) This book was just okay for me. Ever is a strong girl, Miles is hilarious and a great friend, Jude is a doll, and well Damen I've got to give him credit... he's a pretty damn good sexy fella. Where this book didn't leave me in awe, it was still a good read and if you've been keeping up with the series... I'd say give it a go. This installment, was well written. I'm glad that Ever finally made a choice and is going to fight for everything she deserves. Also, I have to say i'm happy with the way this book ended and of course I will finish the series and read "Everlasting". I hope everything gets resolved and things turn out for the good. We shall see this summmer...