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Going Too Far

Going Too Far - Jennifer Echols This has easily become one of my favorite books I've read all summer. I loved it so much that not only did I finish it in one day, but I just ordered "Forget You" by Jennifer Echols. Honestly if you give me a tortured, rebel teen dealing with their own demons and throw in a romance, I'm sold.Meg is a seventeen year old girl with blue hair who doesn't make plans, shuts people out, and loves to be a rebel. She abuses drinking, drugs, and sex to help her deal with her own personal demons. She just wants to get out of the town she lives in and away from her parents. John After, on the other hand, wants to stay in town and enforce the law to stop people from getting in trouble. So when these two meet they push and pull at each others emotions,and the emotional roller coaster begins.I absolutely love Meg and I absolutely love John. I forgot to mention how sexy he is! Whenever he smiled, I smiled. Both characters are fabulously written and also so are all of the friends we meet along the way. I loved John's friends, I was laughing out loud so many time during this book. Also, in my last review (Feed) I said i'm not the type who cries over books... but, yes you guessed it, in this book there was one part where I started to tear up. I also love when books talk/have sex in them. Yes, I'm 20 years old, but I also think having sex in a book makes it real. Teens are doing this stuff nowadays and by stuff, yes, I mean alcohol, drugs, and sex.I thought this book was amazing. I'd gladly recommend it and probably read it again. This book is real. It's real life and what's happening out in the world all the time. It's amazing, 5 stars for sure. :)