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Forget You

Forget You - Jennifer Echols So, let me start off by saying after reading "Going Too Far" by Jennifer Echols, I immediately ordered this book. And, by all means "Forget You" completely kept up to the same standards. I absolutely loved it, and like "Going Too Far", I finished "Forget You" in a day.Jennifer Echols writes perfectly for me. I love how she writes and her attention to details. I love how she writes about REAL things. I love how she includes sex in her books. And she does it all so wonderfully."Forget You" starts off with Zoey, Senior and captain of the swim team, whose family is crumbling around her. She also is dating Brandon, the ultra hot football player that everyone wants. Zoey tries to maintain her little "perfect daughter" act until a car crash sends it crumbling down. She does not remember what happened the night of the crash, and the boy she thought would be there for her, Brandon, is not. Instead, handsome Doug takes over. Zoey is shocked, because her and Doug seemed to hate each other.I thought this book was fabulously written. She covers so many truthful things in this book. How pretending to be perfect only hurts yourself. That when people truely care about you, they will show it and you will know it. I loved Zoey and I defiantly loved Doug. Doug was such a thoughtful character, I loved him. I also love how Jennifer Echols covered sex in this book. Semi-Masturbation and sex. That's got to be crazy hard to write about and she accomplished it so well.Overall, I loved this book and I would most certaintly read another her books. I hope she continues to publish books like these (Forget You & Going Too Far) because I loved them. Five stars! :)FYI - I would suggest this for readers on the older side. Like a 16+ kind of thing.