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Demonglass: A Hex Hall Novel

Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins HOLY HELL WEASEL that was fan-freaking-tastic!! Demon Glass is even better than Hex Hall and the ending will leave your mouth hanging open and desperately needing the third book. ***Don't read if you haven't read Hex Hall***Demon Glass picks up just where Hex Hall left off. Sophie is a demon and her dad is the only other one... Something the people she loved neglected to tell her. Archer still hasn't been heard from, but Sophie shouldn't care, right? So when her father decides to take her and her friends, Jenna and Cal, to London she accepts. Sophie figures she can kill a few birds with one stone... Find out about her past, bond with her dad, and go through the removal to keep everyone safe. In London her trouble doesn't stop though. Turns out there are two more demons kids and someone is raising more. As the eye starts to get stronger and more problems start to reveal, Sophie finds herself in a whole new world of trouble. Oh yeah, and add Archer to that mix... It could only mean one kick ass story.Demon Glass was freaken amazing. This has easily become one of my favorite series. I LOVE Sophie. I LOVE Archer. I LOVE Cal. I LOVE Jenna. And I even love her dad, he plays a fantastic role. All the characters grow in Demon Glass and become even stronger. Yet again, there are twists that are just like "UH WOW!" + a forbidden love + suspense... It's just a great book. Rachel Hawkins doesn't over do anything for me, the love is perfect, the friendships are perfect, the family is awesome, and the trouble is awesome hah! If you read Hex Hall you HAVE to read Demon Glass... It's even better! Needless to say I am dying for the third book. I cannot wait!!! :)