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What a Boy Wants

What a Boy Wants - Nyrae Dawn After reading a book like What A Boy Wants, how can you have anything but happy thoughts? And when you stare at a cover like that the only thing I see is a gorgeous boy, with a sexy eyebrow piercing, and a boy that I definitely want to get to know. This book is seriously everything I hoped for. I was having an okay night, but after spending a few hours devouring What A Boy Wants, I feel like I'm left on a floating happy cloud.Sebastian Hawkins, Bastian for short, knows exactly how to get girls. And it goes for the reverse too, he knows what a girl needs to do to get a guy. So to earn extra money to save up for a car, he decides to start a blog as The Hook-up Doctor, so that he can help girls get the guys they want and make money in the process. He only does hook-ups though, because after watching his mom get hurt and hurt again, love is far from his radar. But then the unthinkable happens... Bastian falls in love with a person he least expected to. He finally understands what all the fuss about love is finally about. But can a boy who always wrote off love finally get what he wants?What A Boy Wants is that perfect little read that has everything you're hoping for. There's a romance that has you wishing it was yours. A sexy protagonist (actually there are multiple sexy boys), that you cannot help but love. The group of friends (and mom!) that you laugh at and want to know more about. Last but not least, a story and plot line that is so easy to relate to and keeps you hanging onto every word.I found myself loving the four main characters. Bastian is truly one of those sexy and cocky boys who knows he can have what he wants but he also has a complete heart of gold and would do anything for the people he loves. The way he protects his mother and Aspen through the story is just one of many traits I loved about him. Then there's Jaden, Aspen, and Pris. Jaden, he who is also completely sexy with face piercings, is Bastian's best friend and his partner in crime shall I say. Jaden seems like one of those troubled boys who have a perfect heart and I just want to hold and squeeze them. And finally the girls. Aspen and Pris have what I'd like to call a perfect best friendship. They look out for one another, protect each other, and are smart girls who are easy to admire.Overall, if you're looking for a quick read that you will absolutely adore by the time it's over... this book is for you. What A Boy Wants is definitely a book to pick you up and make you smile. It's a book that shows you sometimes what you want, if you just trust yourself, is right in front of you. And if you want something, never hesitate to go after it.