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Obsidian (Lux Novel)

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Witty, refreshing, and electrifying. With a brilliant set of characters, laughs, and sexual tension that will have you pulling your hair out, Obsidian is the perfect page turner that will have you begging for more.After the death of her father, Katy and her mother believe it's time for a fresh start. But, their fresh start ends up being in the middle of no where Ketterman, West Virgina. Katy expects for her life to continue the way it was, her mother working all the time and Katy gardening and book blogging. Then, she meets her neighbors... smoking hottie McDickhead, Daemon, and his over energetic sister, Dee. Daemon wants nothing to do with Katy, but she is determined not to let that get to her. Soon, she finds herself trapped in world she could have never imagined existed, and well, having a too-hot-for-words jerk at your side doesn't help when you're fighting for your life.Ever since I read Half-Blood (and fell in love with it), I've been obsessed with Jennifer's books. I stalked her blog, her twitter, her goodreads real hard. And with all my high hopes for her sequel to Half-Blood and her other books, Obsidian in no way disappointed me. Instead, I found myself in love with yet another of her series. This book is about Aliens, as you can tell from the official synopsis, and not only is it unique and new from other paranormal reads, it's a fascinating and beautiful type of alien. I really fell in love it and definitely wouldn't mind being a Luxen.Next, I love how she touches on book blogging. That she intertwined it into her lead character's life. It's almost like a tribute to the blogging community and it gave me another thing to relate to Katy with. Katy is a strong lead character and I loved her for it. With her father dying, and her mother busying herself with work, yet still there for her daughter, Katy is very independent, and it's just one more thing I relate to. I don't have many close friends anymore like I used, and I'm constantly going places, and accomplishing tasks on my own and in my opinion it just makes me a stronger person, as we can see Katy is just that, a strong person. Katy deals with a lot through Obsidian, and she handles it all with bravery and her own little spice. :)Other than Katy, we have the hot-and-cold-pure-sex-with-amazing-green-eyes Daemon, and his ball of energy twin sister Dee. So many times in a book, you turn the pages and live for those steamy scenes between the lead "couple", and I admit of course I ADORED those scenes (I mean how could you not! UNF), but in Obsidian I also admired that Jennifer was able to pull me into the other scenes as well, particularly with Dee. I loved Dee and her over-energetic self. She's the type of fun-loving girl who would light up a room just by being in it. She just wants a normal friend, and she's a good friend at that.So, um, yeah.... Daemon. Can I just say the banter between Katy and Daemon had me feeling so much emotion. Sometimes I was laughing, others my jaw was dropping or wanting to hit one of them, and there were the times when I just wanted them to jump on each other... if you know what I mean ;). Daemon has the looks... the tanned, perfect sculpted body. The unruly wavy locks, with electric emerald eyes (which we all know is my favorite), but his personality is well hot-and-cold to say the least. Just when you think he's a complete jerk, he shows a softness. And just when you think the softness is there to stay, he flips the switch and he's back to the rude idiot that you cannot help but love any way. The relationship between Daemon and Katy just caused me so much angst. There were so many parts where I was just like 'Come on... come on... SERIOUSLY?!' And I have to admit, I loved it. There's so much sexual tension between these two that it seeps through the pages. I love feeling emotions like that, just makes the book 10x better for me. Oh, and the pen poking... poke me anytime Daemon ;).There was so much I could rave about this book. I loved the role that every character played. I adored the dance and party scenes. I ADORED the lake scenes. Kitten... yeah, I thought that was funny yet cute. The alien lore was so creative and I really truly loved reading about it. I love Daemon's wittiness and arrogance and how Katy played right back along with him. I thought the writing was beautifully written. Finally, I love how Jennifer takes romance, laughs, real life situations, thrills, and paranormal and wraps it all up into one brilliant book.It's seductive, electrifying, and full of spice, Obsidian is a perfectly wrapped story that will have you flipping the pages faster than the speed of light. And it's easy to see, especially with how it ended, that I am DYING for a sequel. :)*A HUGE special thank you to Jennifer and Entangled Publishing for letting me read this so far in advance. It means SO much to me and I honestly could not explain my excitement. I love your books Jennifer, and cannot wait to read more of them in the future! :)*