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The Clockwork Angel (Infernal Devices, Book 1)

Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare Cassie Clare, you are amazing. I'm in awe. I finished Clockwork Angel last night and I'm still thinking about it. I figured I'd sleep on it before I wrote this, so that my head would clear somewhat... but it has not. This book is mysterious, sexy, dark, and beautifully written. We start with Tessa, who recieves a letter from her brother Nate asking her to join him in London. So of course she goes... but soon finds herself in a world she could only imagine in dreams. She is captured by the Dark Sisters and is forced to use her newly discovered power of being a Shape Changer. When Tessa finally escapes she is thrown into the world of shadowhunters and still is in search of her brother. No one quite knows exactly what Tessa is, but while the mysterious Magister is after her, Tessa finds herself in a new world of love, hurt, power, and darkness. The characters in this book all play a part at making you the love the story even more. We'll start with Tessa. Tessa is an extremely strong protagonist. She is so fierce, and I love the way she sticks up for herself. There are parts in the book where while reading it I was literally talking to the pages saying 'YOU GO GIRL!'. She being a one-of-a-kind downworlder, I am so curious so see where the next books take us. Next, Jem. Jem is such a sweetheart, seems to be the do-no-wrong type of character. You can't help but have a soft spot for Jem; He is just willing to help everyone. Jessamine... pretty name by the way! Though Jessamine will come off as a spoiled bratt, I think she is still a good person and has a right to feel the way she feels. I really liked her. Charlotte and Henry... well, Henry is just hilarious. He's a good person and seems to do the funniest things sometimes. He seems to be very invested in his work, but I believe we will see later on that there is good reason for that. Charlotte, I was surprised at how young she is, does a fantastic job at running the institute! She's a strong 'motherly' figure and does what she can for everyone. I really adored her, she has a kind heart. The not-as-popular characters - Thomas, Sophie, Nate, Mr. Mortmain, de Quincey, Camille, and Gabriel. Now, I must say... all the younger boys in this book are hot. I pretty much love them all. Most people haven't said much good about Nate or Gabriel, but I really like them both for some reason. I'm hoping Cassie will surprise me with these two in the future books. Sophie and Thomas.. two of the servants in the institute. I adored Thomas! Such a good character! And Sophie, well I am very curious about Sophie! I think Sophie may have a bigger part in this series than we are let on to believe. Mr. Mortmain and de Quincey, well basically I don't like them. Nope, not at all. Though I am also very curious about Mr. Mortmain. Finally, Camille. I must admit in TMI, I did not like her. I know we don't meet her, but whenever she was spoken of she just seemed extremely shady to me. In CA, I loved her! Amazing characters! Magnus... I think I liked Magnus even more in Clockwork Angel than I did in TMI. Magnus played such a great role in Clockwork Angel and I can not wait to see more of him in Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess. Finally, but defiantly NOT least... WILL. Oh yes, I am Team Will.