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Fever (Chemical Garden Trilogy)

Fever - Lauren DeStefano Fever is gruesome. Addictive. Enticing. Dark. And overall, yet another stunner from Lauren DeStefano.Fever starts off just where Wither left us. Rhine and Gabriel have escaped the mansion and are now on their own. But, not for long. They fall into the unfortunate arms of Madame Soleski and her "carnival". Rhine and Gabriel are quickly introduced the world of "selling" girls, drugs, and danger and are getting dragged down when all they've wanted was freedom. Rhine and Gabriel are determined to get to Manhattan though. And, Rhine will stop at nothing to find Rowan. But, their world is still a dark and twisted one. And headmaster Vaughn is still lurking on their tails.Most of the time you get nervous when reading a second book in a series. Because most of the time you're afraid... will it be just as amazing? Will it fall short? Will it just be a filler until the next book? Honestly, I had absolutely no doubt in my mind going into Fever that Lauren DeStefano would blow me away again. This series is unlike anything I've ever read. It's so unique. It twists its deadly claws into my brain and hasn't let go yet. Drugs. Realism. Sex. Determination. Darkness. Love. At times, laughs. There's nothing about these books I don't love... except maybe Cecily. For some reason... I still don't like that girl.While we still encounter characters from Wither we fell in love with, like Linden who I still have a soft spot for, we are also introduced to new characters. I have to admit the first one that comes to mind is Silas. I don't know why... but there's something about him I was immediately drawn too. His blonde curls, his seductive ways, they way he has this tough exterior but a maybe softer interior. I loved him a lot, and I hope we get to see him again in a future book. I also loved Lilac, I think she portrayed a kind of meaningful lesson. She was also, so strong and determined... just as Rhine is.Rhine. There is hardly a perfect way to describe her. She goes through so many emotions... emotions that she doesn't always show. Does she have tremendous strength? Hell yes. Is she completely determined to find her brother, her freedom, and her own life with, possibly, Gabriel? Yes of course she is. Rhine's issue, which may not necessarily be bad, is that she can't always admit when she's feeling sick, exhausted, or lost. Regardless, I adore her. I think she's dazzling and completely capable of taking her life into her own hands. But, it doesn't hurt to have something with you along the way. Cue Gabriel. I don't think I'll ever get tired of Gabriel. He has this tenderness to him that you cannot find anywhere else. He has his own strength in him and I adored watching him overcome everything he has in Wither and now in Fever. I am so, so rooting for these two.This series is the type of series I like to curl up on my couch during a thunderstorm and read. Wither and Fever just have that feel to it. It's the type of story that's devastatingly beautiful and I absolutely love it. The ending of Fever leaves us with so many questions. Not enough to throw you over the edge screaming holy cliff hanger! But, just enough that you'll want book3 immediately. I just cannot get enough of this series! Of these AMAZINGLY STUNNING covers. Cannot get enough of Gabriel or of Rhine. Am desperately awaiting book3!