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Legend - Legend entrapped me within its pages the moment I started reading. I literally started and finished this book in one night. With its constant thrills, suspenseful moments, and heart-breaking truths, Legend without a doubt has become of my favorite dystopian books of the year.We start off with Day. He's the most wanted criminal in the Republic, and when he's suspected of killing a military captain they send their newest recruit, June, to find him. June is a military prodigy and has just lost her brother, Metias, so she accepts the mission and seeks revenge. After discovering shocking truths, these two fifteen year olds quickly discover that joining forces may be their only way of surviving the harsh reality of their world.I absolutely grew to love both of these main characters. My heart ached for both them so many times. I admit at first, I didn't think I could forgive June, but then we get to watch her change and grow into the prodigy she truly is and should be. The prodigy her brother would have been proud of. Then there is Day. He's made out as this highly wanted criminal when in reality he's nothing of the sort. He's been made to be that way by force and deep inside is a kind hearted, sacrificing, beautiful boy. Their story has completely soaked through my bones and I cannot wait to read more about them.Also, even though I have nothing against books steered by romance, I have to completely applaud Legend for not doing this. Legend is strictly a book on thrilling truths and shocking moments. A book on doing what's right, on being yourself and believing your full potential. A book on a realistic cruel reality that is beautifully weaved.Legend is insanely engrossing and heart-shattering. This books packs more punch than a UFC fighter, and continuously hits you in your mind, gut, and heart. It's completely thrilling and will keep on the edge of your seat with every word and every page. It's frightening to think that our world could end up like this... it's insanely realistic. There were so many parts where I felt as if my heart stopped, so many times when I'd say to myself "she wouldn't...." and yet every time they did. Legend is beautifully written and terribly exciting in a spine-chilling way. Plus the cover, is simply perfect for the story. I simply could not put this book down, and you would all be fools to not buy this amazing story.PS. Whyyyy did she have to mention Ollie at the end?!!? My heart broke.