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Amplified - Tara Kelly There is no doubt that Amplified makes you feel like a rock star when you're done. I love the struggles, the music, the parties, the boys, and everything wrapped up in this musical story.We start off with Jasmine Kiss, who is from Woodside, an indicator that she comes from money. After telling her father she deferred Standford and doesn't want to do the college thing, she leaves and goes to Santa Cruz to pursue her dream of playing music. She realized life isn't as easy as she'd though it'd be. When she meets Veta and Sean... siblings in the band C-side things start to look up for her. But, she'll have to literally amp herself up to survive the life she wants.I loved this book so, so much. If you don't know, I'm in love with music. It's what gets me through most days to be honest and I can't seem to do one thing without it. I always have it on in the background, I play it in between classes, I fall asleep to it. Music says so much that words and feelings can't sometimes. That being said, the whole music aspect of the story made me connect with it that much more. And hello.... Jasmine's ringtone is Placebo - Meds?!?! I am in love with that song.All the characters in this book are so well developed too. None of them are perfect, they all have flaws and problems. Jasmine is trying her hardest to fulfill her dream yet in the background, she deals with extreme family issues. She's a very inspiring protagonists that I think many readers will relate to. I also, love all the band members: Veta, Bryn, and Felix. Veta is the hardcore best friend, Bryn has issues of his own to deal with while trying to be the band leader, and Felix is the comic relief. They all mesh together so well. There are also shall we say "others" that weave this story. One in particular... Amy. To me, she's the type of person that girls hate and guys just want to get with. She's spoiled and rude, and I wanted to kick her multiple times :).And oh yes, I'm forgetting someone..... Sean. Sean is something else. Three main things hit my brain when I think of him: Smells like gasoline, has green eyes, and plays in a band. Each of those things drive me in INSANE. Uhhh perfection! I really enjoyed watching his and Jasmine's relation grow. It's not perfect, and it's not meant to be... that's what makes it so real.To be honest, the ending of this story left me wanting so much more. But, with that being said I understand why it ended the way it did, and it ended perfectly for the story. There are so many ups and down and emotions throughout Amplified, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. A completely moving story.