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Strange Angels

Strange Angels - St. Crow,  Lili A thrilling story. A whirl-wind of emotions. And one tough chick.Dru Anderson has grown up tough. With her mom dying when she was five, she has traveled with her dad hunting things that shouldn't be real. Dru has what her grandmother calls "the touch" and Dru seems to be able to sense things that are happening. After something goes horrible wrong with her dad, Dru befriends Graves and Christophe in hopes finding out more about herself and well, keeping herself and her friends alive.This story was anything but rainbows and butterflies. It was raw, tough, and thrilling. There's constant action, always something lurking around the corner. Dru is so tough, she knows how to fight and shoot a gun, yet at the same time she's not afraid to cry.Along with Dru we have her only friend Graves, who she tried to constantly push away, and yet he stuck by her. He's a sweetheart, with bright green eyes that glow against half-asian skin. And we all know I have a weakness for green eyes :). Along with Graves we have another snack named Christophe, who is strong, cocky, and sexy, with bright sky blue eyes. I love the focus on the eyes, it's one of my favorite features.I loved the story and the character and am excited to find out more about Dru and her friends in Betrayals.