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Volition - Shawn Kirsten Maravel Volition is romantic, exciting, and full of brilliant morals. I went into it not really sure what to expect, and I ended up loving the story as it was revealed.We start off with Charlotte, who is what you would call the all around good girl. She works her butt off, attends college, lives with her friends, while not getting into anything "bad". Her friends finally convince her to let it all go for once and go out clubbing. Realizing it may be exactly what she needs, Charlotte goes. But everything seems to fall down hill from there. Charlotte gets drugged and ends up in a hotel room with a mysterious guy named Joel. He saved her, and he asks her to trust him... but Charlotte isn't so sure. So when Joel starts showing up more in her life, she believe that he did really save her, but if that's true, then that means that someone else is after her.One of the things that I absolutely loved about this story was even though it has it's paranormal side to it, it is SO real. Real college life. Real work life. Real hardships. Real friends. And I absolutely loved that fact. The main character is 23, attending college and working her butt off, and I can completely relate to that.I also really enjoyed all the characters. I loved Charlotte's hard-working personality. Her strength in everything that she's thrown into in such a short time. The fact that she's always been capable of handling herself. Charlotte's roommates Emily and Tara also made the story what it was. They're both beautiful and outgoing, yet they're the type of friends you'd always want to have around you. On the work side, I have to admit I loved Heather! I thought she was so funny yet understanding when she needed to be. Another character I found myself liking was Alex. I know, I know... but there was something about him I was definitely drawn to. Finally, Joel. I loved Joel. Not only is he sexy as heck with bright green eyes. His soul purpose is protecting Charlotte, and he always does it in the sweetest ways. You cannot help but fall for him. I loved watching Joel and Charlotte become closer.Overall, this book was a quick, charming, yet intense read. I have to admit the ending was a jaw-dropper. I honestly didn't see it coming at all. And, I absolutely love being pleasantly surprised like that! Cannot wait to read Severance!