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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Romantic and perfectly enjoyable, The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight wraps up fate in a completely heartfelt way.When Hadley misses her flight to London for her father's second wedding, she thinks it might be the worst day ever. But, all that changes when she meets Oliver, who is going to be on the flight to London that she is now on herself... and seated in the same row. These two quickly realize that being together helps them forget about life going on outside the flight and that they're totally comfortable around each other. Could this day really lead to something amazing and unexpected? And, just maybe it was fate that Hadley missed her flight.I adored this story. I love the question of fate or coincidence, or how something that you thought may be terrible may actually not be so bad at all. Or that you can find love in the most unexpected places and times. I believe fate has to do with everything and this book makes you ask yourself that. Was it fate that Hadley had the worst morning ever and that she missed her flight? Or was in coincidence that Hadley and Oliver had to be over in London on the same day? Personally, I'm sticking with fate.This book is so much more than a love story though... it's emotional in a sense. There's raw family emotions wrapped up in the pages of this love story, for Hadley and Oliver both. And I adored Hadley and Oliver's stories. First, I love the name Oliver so much! And the fact that he was British and adorable.... where can I get one?! With Hadley on the other hand, I really enjoyed watching her grow in the short span of the story. It's amazing how much the two of them go through in such a short time period, and that they still come out on top.If you're looking for a quick, romantic, totally lovable page turner this book is for you. I completely loved it from start to finish.