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Cold Kiss

Cold Kiss - Amy Garvey So bittersweet and fantastic. Review to come.---Heart-breaking and emotional, Cold Kiss is a unique story that will make each part of your heart ache yet, show you that there is a way to overcome tragic events.Wren is devastated when her boyfriend, her first love, Danny is killed in a car accident. When she decides she'd do anything to have him back, she uses her powers, ones she doesn't know much about, to bring him back from the dead. But, instead of the Danny she knew and loved, she find herself with a cold, distant Danny... not her boyfriend she once knew. Hiding Danny from the world seems hard enough, but when Gabriel shows up, being like her and sensing her power, she begins to realize that keeping Danny here may have been the wrong thing to do. But, after losing her love once, could she be strong enough to do it again? Each page of Cold Kiss is heart shattering. Even in the semi-happy parts you can feel the chill within the words. It's an emotional book which is meant to teach you something. That sometimes, your emotions take over and you make the wrong decisions, but you have to be strong enough to set them right. That, just because you've lost something so significant that was such a part of your life, doesn't mean that you won't ever find it again. Cold Kiss shows that sometimes you have to make the wrong decision to realize how to come out on top again.Amy Garvey does this in a beautiful way of using Wren, our lead character. Wren has powers, powers that she doesn't know much about because her mother tries to hide them. She uses them anyway to bring back Danny because she's overwhelmed with grief. I liked watching Wren grow. She goes from this I-can't-lose-you to I-can-learn-to-move-on type of girl, and I enjoy watching characters who come to realize that.Then we have Gabriel. Who to say the least, has had a rough life. I loved his character. He keeps such a good head on his shoulders, yet is strong and smart. His caring side is what gets to you. Not only is he cute with blonde hair and gray-blue eyes, but he's always willing to help. To be there for the people who mean something to him and I love that about a boy.Overall, I think Cold Kiss is a moving story. Literally, about learning to let go and move on. That things happen for a reason, you shouldn't be able to change it, you just have to learn to appreciate what you had when you had it and then accept your new future.