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The Pledge

The Pledge - Kimberly Derting With its unique concepts, thrilling moments, and unexpected twists, The Pledge deserves all the fantastic praise its been receiving.We start off with Charlaina, or Charlie for short, who is of the vendor class. In Charlie's world, language is everything... and each class has its own language. She's not in the lowest class and she's not in a higher class either, but Charlie has a secret: she can understand each and every language. A trait which if revealed, could be the death of her. One night, when Charlie decides to go to a club with her best friend Brook, she meets the mysterious and sexy Max. But, Max and his friends can speak a language she's never heard before, yet she can still interpret it. As she gets to know Max, and new secrets are revealed, Charlie begins to realize she's far more important than she's realized.I have to give it to Kimberly Derting, The Pledge is very unique, and has many unexpected twists... some I saw coming and others that made my jaw drop. She created such a dark, and thrilling world that I loved reading about. I think it was Dee from Good Choice Reading that said "I could see this as a movie!" and I SOO, SOO agree. I think this book would make the best movie ever. Hey... I've got blonde hair, can I try out for Charlie?! Just kidding haha, but in all seriousness, this book is set up that if it was a movie, I'd see at midnight opening day. The details, the magic, the violence, the secrets, the imagery is just all set up so beautifully.With the characters, I so adored them all. Each and every character had a role to play, and was important to the story somehow. Charlie, is a brilliant lead character. She's strong, and careful, and the love she has for her family is just so admirable. Speaking of her family, I just couldn't get enough of her little sister, Angelina. Next, Charlie's best friends Brooklynn and Aron... Brook was, well without spoiling anything, was a very surprising character. At first, I honestly didn't think she was a very good friend but throughout the book, she grew on me. And Aron, well Aron is the sweetheart best guy friend we all know and love. And... Max. Mmm sexy, mysterious, protective Max. What can I say without spoiling anything... but that I loved his role and his determination, and I'd take me a Max any day!There are other characters that played roles too... Xander, Eden, Zafir, Claude, Sydney, Sabara, Charlie's Parents, and they all were enjoyable to read about.Overall, The Pledge is a magical and mysterious story that I'm sure so many readers will enjoy. And, I have to mention the cover! I think the cover is beautiful and fits the book perfectly. Also, I'm SO happy that this will be a series because after that ending I need more! I need to know what happens to Charlie! I need more Max! I need more unexpected twists and another riveting dark story!