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Touch (Denazen Novel)

Touch - Jus Accardo Absolutely amazing. Sexy. Thrilling. Strong lead. And tons of laughs. Review coming closer to release! But, pre-order this one! You won't want to miss it!!----Kick-ass, thrilling, fun, and seductive, Jus Accardo created a FANTASTIC story that has everything you could ask for.We start off with Deznee Cross, Dez for short, who has no problem acting out to piss off her stern father. On her way home from a party she meets Kale, who is on the run. Figuring that bringing a boy home would make her father furious she invites Kale to her house. She soon finds out that Kale is a "six". Sixes are special kids who have powers. Powers that can tell the truth, move things with their mind, or even kill. When Dez realized her father is not the man she thought he was, her and Kale escape. But there are secrets every where. Can Dez do what's right to save Kale from Denazen? Or even more... will she be able save herself?Jus Accardo created such a brilliant story with Touch. The story line, the characters, the sexiness, the laughs, the thrills... it's all so brilliantly done. I love the world of "sixes". Honestly, I wish I was one! I don't know what I'd want my power to be. I mean, changing dreams, touch, shape-shifter, reading thoughts, being able to move things, being a healer... there are endless possibilities. The whole story is one thrill after another and the world is modern yet so creative and I loved every single bit of it.The first character I need to talk about is Dez. She's not your typical female role, and it's a fact I love about her. She has blonde hair with black streaks, face piercings, she parties, acts out, she's funny and strong-willed, and so bad-ass. Also, all her best friends seem to be guys.... this is me! I completely understand having mostly guy friends. I just click with them better, as it seems Dez does. Dez is so persistent and clever, and I adored her.So, yeah the boys. There's lots of them! *squeee*! I'm going to talk about two in particular: Alex and Kale. Okay, lets start with Alex. So, many people will probably disagree with me after reading the whole book, but I honestly really liked Alex. First off, he's sexy as hell. Next, even though he may not have made all the right choices, I understand why he made them. Almost everything Alex has done was out of love for Dez and that made me like him so much more. There were times when I wanted to kiss Alex and others where I wanted to kick him in the shins, but that being said, I am really fond of his character because I kind of relate to him. I also don't think Dez would be where she is today without him. And I'm hoping we will see more of him in book two.KALE. Oh Kale. First, scroll up and look at that cover! LOOK AT HIM. Yes, Kale is the definition of SEXY. I am so jealous that Dez can touch him. I mean death may be worth trying to touch him.... mmm bad idea. Kale is 100% one of my new book boyfriends [so everyone back off ;)]. Any who, I loved Kale. He grew up basically trapped and caged and when he finally gets out he experiences so much with Dez. I was constantly laughing at some of things Kale does because he doesn't know any better. Example: "We took off our shirts." HAH. There are so many more adorable, cute, "aww" moment lines from Kale, watching him experience everything was just one of the many things I loved about him. But, Kale is so much more than that. He's strong, not to mention powerful, but he has has such a pure heart and his head is always in the right place. I cannot rave enough about this boy.There are so many other characters that make this story what it is as well. Cross, Dax, Ginger, Sue, Brandt... and the list goes on.Jus Accardo blew me away with Touch, and I honestly am dying for the sequel. I love the world, the story, the characters, and every feeling she gave me while reading. Touch was the perfect mix of everything for me. Just enough thrill, just enough laughs, just enough kick-ass, just enough sexiness, and just enough sweetness. I couldn't have asked for a better story from her. Bring on the next one please!! :)