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Fracture - Megan Miranda Fracture is such a bittersweet and thrilling story. I was constantly on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what comes next.We start with Delaney who falls through the ice on a lake. She's pulled out 11 minutes later by her best friend Decker, and miraculously survives. She soon feels that even though she is alive, she feels different. Now, she can actually tell when someone is about to die. Then she meets Troy, who seems to know a lot about her. Could these two have some kind of gift? Is it even something they want to mess with?This book is definitely a whirl-wind of emotions and Delaney is a strong character to be able to deal with everything thrown at her... from her new "gift", to Decker and Troy, her family, and even her friends. She's constantly getting stress put on her from every direction and she's somehow able to come out on top. Then there's Decker and Troy. Lets start with Troy... sexy? Sure he is. But, in my opinion he's very unstable and honestly I was quite scared of him at some points. Then, there's Decker... I loved him. Don't get me wrong, there were points I wanted to kick him in the a$$, but over all he's the best friend that you root for the whole story.Fracture captured me from the beginning. It was an interesting topic to be able to sense when someone is about to die. Why would you want to deal with that? I'm not sure I could... it would drive me mad. This book will totally make you cringe, smile and capture your attention through every page. Definitely worth a read if you'd like something thrilling.