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Significance (Significance, #1)

Significance (Significance, #1) - Shelly Crane Significance is a quick, exciting, and magical read. I read through this book so quickly because I was constantly turning the pages to find out what was in store for Caleb and Maggie next! It's unique, sexy, and thrilling all in one!We start off with Maggie, who is graduating from High School... a year early. She was always so smart, so perfect, until her mother left and her dad became, to say the least, a zombie. Her grades dropped, she lost her boyfriend of three years, and now she doesn't really have parents to lean on either. That all changes when she saves Caleb's life on her way to meet her friend Kyle. And soon she finds out that not only are Caleb and Kyle cousins, but that Caleb is her soul mate. She is instantly thrown into a world of powers, love, and dangerous enemies. And they say pure happiness always comes with a price, right?I truly enjoyed reading Significance. I absolutely adored the romance, the characters, and the story line. I honestly would love to be an Ace. To be able to fall so completely in love with someone and have wicked awesome powers to go along with it... some one come imprint on me ;)!I found myself loving each of the characters for different reasons as well. Maggie is a strong protagonist, she's been through terrible situations and is thrown into a whole new world and still comes out on top. There is also Kyle. Kyle, who's been Maggie's best friend and has always loved her. I felt so bad for him through some parts and others I laughed at how his attitude could be. I really liked him and can't wait to see more of him. Next, I found myself loving all the adults as well. Some down to earth and all are protective... but that's what a family should be. And finally, Caleb. Caleb... you sexy boy you! I love his age, his look, his personality. I was rooting for him and Maggie the whole story and cannot wait to see where their romance goes!If you enjoy quick and exciting reads with some thrills... this is the book for you! I always love when I can whip through a book so quick and be completely happy with the story I just read. And, Significance was one of those. I cannot wait to read the sequel!