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The Selection

The Selection - The Hunger Games meets royalty is how I felt while reading this book. And, I cannot even begin to describe how much I adored it. Once I hit a certain point in the book, I couldn't put it down. It's enchanting, thrilling, sexy, and a beautiful read.We start off with America Singer, a five (royalty being ones and going down from there). American has always known her place and she's always been happy with it. Especially, since she's got Aspen Leger, a six, by her side. She doesn't care about the rules... they're in love. But then the selection happens and America is chosen as one of the girls to compete for Prince Maxon's heart. Being part of the selection means compensation that her family definitely needs, celebrity status and maybe rising caste numbers, or even being queen. America doesn't want any of it except help for her family. But, she soon realizes how caring Prince Maxon can actually be and how easy falling into that life style could become.I truly adored this book. It honestly has become a favorite. Each and every character somehow found their way into my bones... except Celeste. She's the girl we all love to hate. There's also the complete opposite, Marlee, who's the friend we all love and want. Even Maxon and America's families I found myself adoring. Especially America's sister May! I just wanted to squeeze her and send her yummy treats! And, with our main character, America, I just loved everything about her. I loved her looks. Her attitude... the way she always stood up for what she believed in and did what she though was right, not what was "expected" of her. The strength in her is outstanding.So... they boys. Let me first say it is so, so incredibly rare of me to be on the fence. I usually always can be "team whoever". I may not always necessary be in the majority but I usually have a favorite. With The Selection, I am honestly SO torn. First, there is Aspen Leger. GOD I LOVE HIS NAME. Aspen? How amazingly sexy is that? He's also got those green eyes, nice built, hard worker aspects going on. The way he loves America is just beautiful. And I'm totally a sucker for the best friend turned lover quality. Then on the other side is the lovely Maxon Schreave. Yep, yet another gorgeous name. One thing I completely loved was Maxon and America's first hang out. It was comical, yet caring, and so real. I love how gentle their relationship is and how it grows into something so fragile yet beautiful. I truly love both of these boys. It is so hard for me to pick a team because I'd honestly be happy if America ended up with either. Though if I had to choose at this moment... I'm leaning toward Maxon. :)Honestly, I flipped through this one so quickly... I could not put it down. The world building and imaging was so fantastic. I could imagine everything happening and seeing the events as the characters did. I was also constantly feeling the emotions right along side the characters. Whether it was cheering with joy, aching with hurt, stomach dropping, or just being strong. And, Kiera didn't give all the secrets away just yet either! I am honestly so excited to see what will come next in America, Maxon, and Aspen's journey. I cannot get that book quick enough! The Selection is one royally brilliant book.